Welcome to the River Valley Restaurant
in downtown Cave Junction, easy access on the east end of town,
you can't miss us!

We are located in Cave Junction,
in the beautiful Illinois River Valley,
Josephine County, Oregon

We are easy to find on Hwy 199 as it is the only road to the coast in Southern Oregon.

If you are driving on Hwy 5, North or South, turn into Grants Pass on 199 west towards the coast. We are 28 miles from Grants Pass, which takes about 35 minutes, more or less.
If you are coming  north or south at the coast, Hwy 1 will have a turn off to 199 north of Crescent City in California, or south  from Brookings, Oregon, which will take you east,  towards Grants Pass and Hwy 5. There is about one hour driving time to Cave Junction.

This is a view of the restaurant if you are coming on 199, from Grants Pass,
going towards the west. It will be on your left side right after you enter town.
There is a stop light and an island in the middle now, so you might have to
go left at the light and come in to park from in back of the restaurant.

This is the view of the restaurant if you are on 199 heading east,
and is at the end of the town on your right at River Street Corner.


Feb. 18th 2011
An unusually snowy winter here!

The view from the front deck looking west down the street

The view from the front deck looking east down the street

Balcony sitting looking across Redwood Hwy towards the mountains

The Beautiful Illinois River

Some places to see while visiting the valley can be seen on these slideshows

Rough and Ready Botanical Wayside

Buck Canyon Gardens  Peony Show

Eight Dollar Mountain Botanical Wayide

Darlingtonia Walk on Hwy 199

The Pitcher Plant, otherwise known as Darlingtonia or Cobra plant is a rare plant and this is one of the few places in the world in which it is seen.
Here is a slideshow of this unique plant, come and see them for yourself!

If you want a cup or calendar with this plant or other wildflowers from the area, then please check out kaysflowerfotos

For calendars, cups, or other items with local mushrooms, please check out kaysphotography at cafepress southern Oregon also has many unique varieties of fungi/mushrooms and is a wonderful place to explore.

203 N Redwood Hwy, Cave Junction, OR 97534

Phone 1-541-592-4128

Open 7 days a week, 7am to 2:30 pm

To get exact directions and time from your location,
you can locate that from google search here.

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